Thursday, November 10, 2011

Petition for Change

Here is a petition started to help change the DOT/EPA regulations on the importation laws to change the eligibility from 25 years to 15 years.  The petition was created on November 9, 2011.  The goal is to get 25,000 signatures on the petition.

Here is the information on the petition page:

we petition the obama administration to:

Stop using Homeland Security funds to seize imported vehicles, and change the DOT/EPA exemption to 15 years.

The Department of Homeland Security spends a shockingly disproportionate amount of its budget not on security initiatives, but on customs seizures. In particular, importers of grey-market vehicles have been targeted by monies taxpayers have intended to be used to secure our country against terrorism and terrorist activity. We call upon the Executive Branch to immediately cease this wasteful activity, and furthermore to change the DOT/EPA exemption time on grey-market vehicles from 25 years to 15 years (to match the vehicle regulations of Canada), recognizing that the 25-year rule was enacted due to support from special interests such as Mercedes Benz North America.

Please create an account and sign the petition HERE

Help us spread this petition to everyone in the U.S. and encourage everyone to sign the petition.  This is one small step in the ultimate goal and will benefit many automotive enthusiasts.  This petition is for changing importation laws for all vehicles and NOT just Skyline's.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another R chassis Scam

Well, sadly another person has been scammed by someone claiming that they can bring Skyline's into the US. The worst part I think is that the gentleman who got scammed is a former marine, and is currently in Iraq as a contractor working with the troops.  This is his story in his words from SOUSA:

"Well This story has been going on a while, and I'm fed up and I know I'm not going to get my car now......Please spread this story around the internet so no one ends up like me.....

It's amazing, hearing stories about people getting scammed on TV and the internet, and all you think is "well that sucks." I've bought hundreds of things on the internet and never had a problem other than a shipping delay or not receiving the right order, but this has always been corrected by the company I ordered from.
I never thought in a million years that I would ever be scammed, I only thought that those who were scammed were those that lacked common sense and were naive. If that's the case, I've joined that group……..
I've wanted a Skyline since I was in my teens. And I thought I found one through Eric Thomas of Next Level Motorsport. I thought I did my homework too. I used to work for the FBI and I had my contacts check and see if there were any complaints against this company. My aunt is also a private investigator, I had her do the same. The business checked out. I had Eric send me his business license, and Eric's business partner Justin Pace, who owns JDM Exchange and handles all of the logistics send me export certificates, HS-7's, and Bill's of Lading of other cars he (allegedly) imported. I extensively googled his name, and I found one, at most two posts of people who though he was a scam, but no one who actually stated that they were scammed by him. That seemed sufficient for me (In hindsight though, I should have listened to my gut instinct), so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Now I realize that all of these documents were forged.

Despite nearly everyone's warnings on this site in December, I went ahead and purchased the 2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II Nür, the cream of the crop of skyline's, for $96,250 USD. There is no typo on the price there. That price included the car itself and compliance work. The car only had 12,000 km on it.
My plan was to hold onto it for a couple years, and then sell it for a profit so that I could buy a cheap house along with the money I earned in those 2 years. Now I'm nearly flat broke.  If I am lucky, my car was illegally imported. If it's not in the country (legally or illegally), then this will be a long and arduous civil case.

Just a little background about this deal. I have dealt with Justin primarily, and I'll give him credit where credit is due, he is an EXCELLENT bullshitter. He acts like he knows a lot about importing, and he seems to have all of the answers. He is very good at diverting questions you ask him. I didn't know a lot about importing, and what I did know he mentioned to me and "explained" how it worked, and like an idiot I bought it. He even has contacts in Japan, I actually talked to them and they told me that they had been dealing with Justin for a while. These are the extreme measures he took to fool me.
When push came to shove though, and I asked for the Bill of Lading which he stated he has, I noticed he started ducking me. I've asked for this document over a dozen times, and he has failed to provide it, each time providing a different excuse, such as power being out, internet not working, being sick, and this isn't even a comprehensive list.

More stuff has popped up on the internet about these guys since I purchased the car. I want to destroy these guys. I have their phone number and house address, but I'm not going to give it out just yet until charges are pressed against these guys, and because I don't want them to change there numbers and run off. But I want to tarnish their name. My goal is to disseminate word across the internet that Justin Pace, owner of JDM Exchange in CA and Eric Thomas, owner of Next Level Motorsport in VT are SCAMMERS.
Our goal here should be that if anyone types in either of their names on google, the first result that pops up is "SCAM." I want their "business" ruined, just like they ruined me, a former Marine with two year long deployments to Iraq, who is a combat veteran.
If anyone else is a member of other car forums, please spread this message along, I don't want to see anyone else get scammed. And if anyone is good at HTML, please PM me, I want to make a site about these guys. Below are the following links of where I found connections to these guys (mostly Justin), they have popped up in the last couple months after I did further research. Apparently Justin used to own a company called JapImportUSA. I can't find anyone who was scammed by them, but there is a lot of talk about them

Eric and Justins websites (now gone)

Apparently there was a girl in Alabama who was scammed by Justin too

I've spoken to Justin dozens of times, and Steve a few times, and all three of us even had a conference call last night to try to sort things out."

Please help spread the word and if you are thinking about getting a Skyline, DO THE RESEARCH TO MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GET SCAMMED!!!! Do NOT believe someone and NEVER give money for a vehicle (of any kind) without being able to see the car first.

Friday, September 23, 2011

TFR Supra Cruise

This past weekend it was absolutely gorgeous outside so myself and a couple of guys from TruFacts Racing got together and took a small cruise with a couple of the TFR Toyota Supra's.  At the end of the cruise we had a little photoshoot.

Here's the full set

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Seizure

While this is not a skyline that got seized, I believe it is still relivant and here's why:

Gibson Guitar Corp was raided by federal agents over wood under the Lacey Act on August 24, 2011

The Lacey Act provides that it is unlawful for any person to import, export, transport, sell, receive, acquire, or purchase any fish or wildlife or plant taken, possessed, transported, or sold in violation of any law, treaty, or regulation of the United States or in violation of any Indian tribal law whether in interstate or foreign commerce.

Gibson uses Indian Ebony and Indian Rosewood.  The issue that they were seized over is that the wood was partially finished in India, but final finishing done in the Memphis factory, is that by Indian law all products being exported from the country must be completely finished.  Most guitar's are made with these woods and Gibson is not the only company importing these raw materials.

The reason this story is important is because it shows how much money is being spent on things that is not a threat or in any way a high priority on the national agenda especially in the financial trouble that the country is in.  Our arguments are the say in that SOUSA and Gibson believe that it is a gross misuse of federal funds when it could be handled much simpler, easier, and cheaper.

This is the 2nd time Gibson has been raided in the past 2 years.  They have not been charged with any wrong doing for the raid on August 24th or from the raid 2 years ago over wood from Madagascar.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some progress

We have made some more steps in the right direction.  We have submitted legal paperwork with a possible solution to the government.  There is a 90 day grace period in which they have to respond, so we will most likely be waiting for awhile while they sift through all the information that was submitted.  While I cannot go into detail about what has been submitted or talk about the legal process that is happening, what I can say is that things are looking very positive. 

We are still looking for more support and donations:

I would also like to remind everyone to watch out for scammers.  There are alot of people and places saying that they can get you a skyline.  Please do your research and don't believe anyone that says that they can import one for you and it is federally legal, and that NISSAN is doing the conversions, they are NOT.